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March 30, 2012 No Comments by Kimberly

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted… It must be wedding season! That’s right, come January 1st it seems like someone turns on the “switch” for the wedding industry. And as usual, I am swamped!

I’ve been concentrating my efforts on learning and improving some of the search engine marketing techniques that I apply to my businesses and my customer’s business. The latest craze is using Pinterest to get traffic to your website. Never heard of Pinterest or not quite sure what it is? Read on for a first in our series. Tomorrow we’ll let you know how you can use it to boost traffic to your website!

Why is Pinterest So Addictive?

Nearly anyone who uses Pinterest comes to one conclusion: the newest social network is addictive. What starts out as a way to collect a few tidbits here and there online can quickly turn into hours spent on the popular website looking at what other people have pinned. So what’s the allure? Why is this website so addictive?

Finding Your Happy Place and Sharing Your Ideal Self

Pinterest is a unique social network. Gone are the awkward relationship status changes, check-ins at restaurants, or pictures of kids. Pinterest boards are like personal happiness collages. They represent things that the pinner appreciates, that they desire, and that expresses who they are.

While it seems Pinterest is more private without the status updates that Facebook and Twitter offer, Pinterest frees people to be more public about who they really are and who they want to be.  The key is the fact it reveals the more ideal self, what the user is trying to be, where their hopes and dreams lie. When you follow someone and watch what they are pinning and see a glimpse of what they want out of life, you might see a nugget of yourself or just learn more about that person. It’s a gratifying experience and a unique connection that other social networks don’t offer.   

Simple and Artistic

Whether we like to admit it or not, we like things that are attractive. How each photo is displayed on Pinterest, down to the size it is, is pleasing to the eyes. They are also simple. Without words distracting all over the page, it’s clean and simple to look at. Although there are pictures all around, that simply lends to an artistic look, but not a cluttered look. Even the logo is clean and simple

People like things that are simple. Everything about Pinterest is simple. From the moment you log into Pinterest and start building boards, it easy and simple. Finding content and either pinning it or re-pinning it from someone else’s board is simple. You don’t need technical knowledge. So there are no limitations in that respect. Anyone can do Pinterest and that certainly makes it addictive!

It’s All About Sharing

Much of what Pinterest lovers adore the most is sharing. They follow their friends, celebrities, other people and entities and see what they’re doing. This is fascinating information. They can re-pin when they like what they see. If it weren’t for the sharing part of the Pinterest formula, it might not work as well as it does. The fact users get to take a peek into the lives of others and share in it and even snag a piece of it for themselves if they chose to do so may be what is most addicting about Pinterest.

Stay tuned for our next article: How to Use Pinterest to Boost Traffic to Your Website

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