7 Ways to Draw Attention to Your Brand on Pinterest

April 3, 2012 No Comments by Kimberly

Pinterest started out as a place for regular people to share things they enjoy with each other. However, it’s quickly morphed into a place for small and large companies to brand their products. There are a number of ways you can do this effectively to reach out to your target market and even learn from them.

Showcase Your Products

The most obvious thing you can use Pinterest for is to showcase your product. Create a board for your products and pin them. You might create several boards, splitting your products into categories so consumers can view them easier. You might consider naming the board with a bright and colorful name so the label’s personality really sticks out.

The point of creating the boards for your products is for Pinterest users to be attracted to the images and re-pin them on their walls. High-quality, creative images are key.

Run Competitions

You can run pinning competitions. This can help increase interest in your product, as people will pin your product and others in their network of friends will see it, possibly re-pin it and so on. The ripple effect is great.

Clothing retailer Lands’ End ran a “Canvas Holiday Pin It to Win It” completion where pinners were asked to pin up to 20 images to their boards from the Lands’ End website. Then, they were to email the url of the board to Land’s End to win the items contained within the board.

There were just over 200 entries. That may seem low, but there was a high level of engagement seen by Pinterest, as well as a re-pinning effect, which means the products were actually seen by a much larger network of people.

Backstage Access

Show consumers something they can’t see anywhere else except on Pinterest. Show them the process the company goes through to create the product they eventually buy. Everyone loves to see “exclusive content.” Make Pinterest the bearer of that content.


If your company has a big event of some type, make the visual portion of that event be available on Pinterest. When New York Fashion week rolled around in 2011, the Wall Street Journal covered it by posting pictures on Pinterest.

Highlight Your Visual Content

Every business has visual content they can share on Pinterest. Even if your business is not primarily a visual business, there will still be something to share. For example, if your business is computer repairs, you can post pictures of computers, pictures of computers disassembled, and so on. There is always a visual to your business you can share. Just make sure your pictures are interesting so they are more likely to be re-pinned.


Pinterest isn’t just about “pretty” pictures, it’s about pictures that tell a story. Many of those pictures can be used to educate. If your company or organization has something that can be taught, do it through pictures on Pinterest.

Use It Like a Focus Group

There are few sites that simplify aligning yourself with a brand to represent who you are and what you like as Pinterest does. You can learn a lot about your customers through this. If you spend some time looking at those that engage with your brand, what they re-pin, and who they engage with, you’ll find truly valuable insights in a far more natural way than other methods, like surveying people.

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