5 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest

April 2, 2012 No Comments by Kimberly

To stay up to date in today’s marketplace, your company should be a part of whatever social media is hot. Right now Pinterest is blazing hot online and your company needs to hop on the bandwagon if it hasn’t already. Need 5 ways this will benefit your company? Here they are:

1. Show the Visual Side to Your Brand

Most products or services have a visual side to them, even if it’s just a logo and a few other distinctive graphics. Take the time to prepare aesthetically pleasing visual content to share. For example if your brand creates blog posts for pet products, then make sure all the pictures on the blog posts that direct back to those posts are eye-catching. If you have a service-based business, you can still select pictures on a website or blog that are attractive and will catch someone’s attention.

2. Publicize

You want to be where your target market is. So if your target market is on Pinterest, then you want to be there, too. Chances are good there is at least one segment of your target audience on Pinterest. So you need to be there. Consumers won’t know you’re there though. Let them know by publicizing it on all forms of media that leaves your company or business. Your Pinterest page will receive traffic, even if it’s just for curiosity.

3. Use Instagram

Be creative with photos. Use a program like Instagram to highlight certain boards. Instagram  is a photo sharing application that allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter, then share it on a variety of social networking sites. Pinterest’s focus is on visual appeal. The more you make your pictures exciting to view, the better chances you have of peaking consumers’ interest.

4. Make Sure the Pins are Something Others Will Want to Re-Pin

When you create a pin, make sure it links to something on your website, blog, or other social network. Not only should it link to something, it should link to something your consumers will want to share their own followers on Pinterest by re-pinning your content. Also, and this is the most important element, make sure it has an eye-catching graphic attached to it.

5. Do a Marketing Campaign

Pinterest is a great place to do creative campaigns. Since so much of campaigns are visual, Pinterest is perfect and takes the social media aspect of campaigns to a whole new level. The types of campaigns Pinterest can help with are:

  • Contests: Allow consumer to create images that might be featured on the company Pinterest page.
  •  Voting: Ask consumers on a specific board what their favorite item is or pick what other boards they would like to be featured.
  • How-To Demos: Demos can be done via videos, posts, and other items to let consumers get better insight into your company’s service or product.

Marketing your business on Pinterest is a must in today’s online social media world. It’s a social network that is around to stay. There are a number of ways you can build interest and even create hype to draw attention to your company and your brand for this popular website that’s growing every day.

Tomorrow: 7 Ways to Draw Attention to Your Brand on Pinterest

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